Southridge Plaza is built around an integral piece of Eastern Creek’s heritage, Southridge House.

Southridge Plaza is convenient for workers during the week, and great for families from nearby suburbs looking for an attractive place for breakfast or brunch on the weekend.

An oasis amidst the hustle and bustle of the busy day, Southridge Plaza’s site has plenty of courtyards and parklands.

The Southridge Homestead, which the plaza is built around, is located on lands which were once owned by a number of early settlers in the district, the most notable being William Hayes, an emancipist and former manager of the estate of Governor King. Hayes became one of the largest landholders in the area.

The house has local historical significance. Originally built in 1859, Southridge House was then called Herguilliers by owner at the time, early French migrant Moise Roussel. It was renamed Southridge in 1919 by Frederick Bigg, whose family raised cattle and pigs on the site.

The estate was sold to Penfolds Winery in 1950 and the winemaker lived in the house.

Today, Southridge House is the centrepiece of Southridge Plaza and offers local workers a convenient retail hub.